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85% of litigants in cases of child care currently appear without counsel

90% of all homeless runaway children are from fatherless homes.
32 times more than normal.

71% of students who leave high school come from fatherless homes
9 times more than normal.



Assistance for California fathers with child custody, child support, and other family law issues

Fathers, are you unable to see your children due to a vindictive ex or an oppressive court order?

Are you ordered to pay child support at an amount that leaves you little to nothing left to live off of?

Do you have an upcoming court date and don’t know where to go for help?

Are you looking for someone who can get you a good result for the right reasons without you being taken to the cleaners?

Welcome to United Fathers of California, where we were created for people in these types of situations. The one thing that you should take away from visiting this website, if for nothing else, is the fact that you are not alone in your struggles in maintaining family relationships.

As can be seen on this website, the role of fathers has been greatly diminished at the time when it is most greatly needed. Look at the statistic page and you will see. Then ask yourself, is this where you want your kids to wind up for you not being there? Don’t you want the best for them – and that doesn’t mean your financial contribution on the first and fifteen of each month?

There are some of you who are just simply overwhelmed by the situation and need some guidance on how to approach the situation. Then there are some who know what they want but know not how to achieve that direction.

You have a right to be upset about the situation. 100%. However,  United Fathers of California can give you the opportunity to take that anger and rage and turn it into something that can be productive and conducive for all that is involved.

We here  at United Fathers of California work in conjunction with licensed California attorneys to get people good results in their family law matters and do it in a way that is inexpensive to them in the short run and personally rewarding for them in the long run.