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Helpful Links

Links for fathers involved in custody disputes, visitation disputes, and other family law actions

The following links lead to resources for those that have, currently or will be going through some type of family law action in California. We have found these resourceful links useful for our members and recommend that you check them out.

linksMajor Family Services is an essential element needed if you ever have aspirations of getting any significant time with your child.

linksShaklee has been known to produce products to help maintain one’s health. Family law is one of those types of situations which can be very stress producing and can adversely affect one’s health.

and-a-child-will-lead-themPatricia Fuller is a well respected professional child monitor. Sometimes there is a necessity in having an independent child monitor in contested family law actions.

melinda-coleSometimes, you need information that quickly links you up and there isn’t anyone better at getting it quickly than these folks.