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United Fathers of California

Family Law Assistance from United Fathers of California

Helping fathers deal with the emotional trauma that is ‘Family Law’

If you have ever gone through a family law action, then you know what I mean.  United Fathers of California is a document preparation company that will help those that (1) know that they need help (2) don’t know that they need help but know something isn’t right or (3) are just plain unsure about the family law process. We were born out of United Fathers of America which started back in 1976.

Why us? We have all been through some family law action. So we can not only relate to the anxiety that you may be feeling with it, we work our hardest to reduce the anxiety for you as much as possible. We originated from a group of non-lawyers not knowing anything positive about family law in California and took that decisive step to pool their resources to help others.

As can be seen, the statistics bear out the failure and/or absence of father in both the California and the American family. If you look around, you will not find a lot of competent help for fathers out there either on the internet or on the streets. Most of the “help” that fathers do rely on is word of mouth which isn’t necessarily good. The majority of people out there can’t afford attorneys – even with the free consultation or are so discouraged and have preconceived notions about the outcome, they don’t even try.

We have been very successful in assisting fathers, both from our pre-existence with United Fathers of America and on our own. We would not be in existence if we couldn’t provide help to fathers who are genuinely interested in the lives of their children.

Do we help women? Why? Yes, we do help women who seek our help. It’s not about pitting one parent over the other for a child. We do it because we ultimately believe that it benefits the child(ren) if both parents are accessible without the legal shenanigans involved. We don’t turn people away here because of their gender. It is not the American way. Besides we have also found out that the women that we have helped often have referred us to others, mainly men, who need such.